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Chem-Nuclear Systems, L.L.C., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duratek, Inc., operates a commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal facility located on 235 acres in Barnwell County, South Carolina.

Barnwell Disposal Site
Access for Fiscal Year 2005

Effective July 1, 2004, the Barnwell site will receive radioactive waste from generators, brokers and processors, with valid DHEC permits, without the need for individual
“importation authorizations” or “special disposal rate agreements.”
We are continuing to explore options for disposal access agreements with specific generators and waste brokers and processors. Pending those decisions and until further
notice, waste generators may continue to ship waste to the disposal site.

On July 1, 2000, South Carolina joined the Northeast Compact, thereby forming the Atlantic Compact with Connecticut, New Jersey and South Carolina as member states. The South Carolina Budget and Control Board establishes and adjusts the rate schedules for disposal of radioactive waste at the Barnwell Facility. Disposal rates for waste generated within the Atlantic Compact cannot exceed disposal rates available to waste generators outside the compact. The South Carolina Public Service Commission approves the allowable costs for disposal operations. For more information on the SC Radioactive Waste Disposal Program, please visit the South Carolina Energy Office Website.

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